8 hotels with unusual cleanse to start the new year fresh

Vacations tend to be about indulgence and escape. We eat more, drink more, and pamper ourselves just a wee bit more. And while it’s certainly well deserved, vacations can also serve as a time to start anew, to cleanse ourselves from within, and start the new year fresh. Here are some of the more interesting detox treatments being offered at hotels around the world.

Red Mountain Resort, Utah: Spiritual cleansing

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Red Mountain Resort offers the healing services of two shamans, two intuitives and a licensed music therapist, as well as yoga and meditation specialists. They also have workshop offerings such as Relief & Release through music and oracle readings, as well as chakra balancing, intuitive energy reading and shamanic energy healing—it’s the ultimate spiritual housekeeping!

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort, India: Forest bathing

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort, India: Forest bathing
new year fresh

Those who want to kick off their new year fresh resolution by working on their wellbeing and cleansing should check out the “The Concept of Time” Wellness Retreat at The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort, New Chandigarh. From February 11–14, 2020, there’ll be a variety of cleansing and calming workshops led by Ayurvedic Dr. Robert Svoboda (PhD). These include forest bathing, via meditation, within the resort’s nearby forest. 

Arrive Wilmington: Spiritual confessional

Arrive Wilmington: Spiritual confessional

Just in time for the new year fresh, ARRIVE Wilmington has it’s very own onsite confessional, offering guests the chance to ease their consciences ahead of 2020. This property was once a real-life convent, so it’s rather fitting to space, and the just-for-fun confessional even has epic R.B.G. and David Bowie prayer candles. Upon entering, there’s a mirror with the words: “Tell me a secret, and I’ll share another.” 

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Kilkea Castle, Ireland: Technology detox

Kilkea Castle, Ireland: Technology detox
new year fresh

In the past few years, technology detox programs have been gaining popularity at properties around the world, this one lets you disconnect from the comfort of an authentic Irish castle. Kilkea Castle offers a technology cleanse vacation beginning December 2019 where you leave your phone, computer or tablet with reception. Just be sure to set up an auto-response so everyone knows you are on a technology cleanse! If anything REALLY important is going on while you’re away, your friends, family, or colleagues can reach you by calling the resort.

Majestic Hotel & Spa, Barcelona: Skin refresh

new year fresh

This is not your run-of-the mill facial. In collaboration with skincare brand Perricone MD, the hotel has introduced a new offering: the Perricone Fitness Facial Program. Think of it as a diet and workout regimen for your face that incorporates anti-inflammatory foods, revitalizing products and skin tightening exercises to achieve flawless skin. The three-day program helps stop inflammation and cellular oxidation by prioritizing certain antioxidants and anti-aging superfoods, restoring the skin’s health and boosting energy.

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Hotel Zero George, Charleston: Diet detox

new year fresh

This property has launched a partnership with meal kit delivery service Sakara and Charleston’s popular sweat studio The Works, meaning people can stay on top of their new year’s resolutions while still getting to “get away”!

Encore Boston Harbor: Mind and body massage therapy

new year's eve

This new property offers a Mind and Body Balancing Ritual that includes a personalized massage, Ayurvedic essential oils and sound therapy, all of which promise to rebalance the chakras.

Kimpton Hotel Monaco, Pittsburgh: Minibar detox and juice cleanse

Red Mountain Resort, Utah: Spiritual cleansing

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions while on the road can make what is already a challenging task even tougher. With this add-on, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh will remove everything from the minibar, nixing those snack and spirit temptations, and replacing it with a one, two or three-day juice cleanse of six juices per day from local Pittsburgh Juice Co.

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